HAQQ and Islamic Coin at ethsafari 2023 in the Heart of East Africa
HAQQ and Islamic Coin at ethsafari 2023 in the Heart of East Africa

HAQQ and Islamic Coin at ethsafari 2023 in the Heart of East Africa

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the organizers at Safari DAO for orchestrating such a phenomenal event —ethsafari 2023. It has been an enlightening and enriching experience for the HAQQ and Islamic Coin core team, and we are thrilled to share our journey and learnings from this prestigious gathering.

Representation and Participation:

The HAQQ and Islamic Coin team were ably represented by our Chief of Programs, Senior Systems Analyst, and Marketing Lead. They were present to network, collaborate, and explore the myriad opportunities available. We had the privilege of exploring the beautiful city of Nairobi, Kenya and participating in various events, including the IRL Bootckathon and side events like the Builder Nights at Chez Mahmadi. The experience was enriched with diverse interactions and learnings, paving the way for potential collaborations and partnerships.

One of the highlights was The BlockTrain, a unique experience where participants traveled 298 miles from Nairobi to Mombasa by train, embarking on a 6-hour journey to the stunning Island of Kilifi. Along the journey, we were mesmerized by the sights of safari parks, where we witnessed the majestic herds of elephants, graceful gazelles, and towering giraffes in their natural habitat. The experience was a vivid reminder of the rich biodiversity of this beautiful land. Once in Kilifi, we indulged in the serene beach seafronts and engaged in conferences, panels, and festivals at Beneath The Baobabs, Kilifi.

Intriguing Panels and Interactions:

The panels were a source of immense knowledge and brought forth some intriguing moments, like witnessing live on stage where a snake ate up a gecko—a sight only events like ethsafari can offer. Our journey allowed us to interact with young and groundbreaking projects emerging from Kenya and, more broadly, the East Africa ecosystem. The innovation and passion emanating from this region are palpable, and we are excited about the potential collaborations and developments that can arise from here.

Empowering Young Developers:

We are set to collaborate with young and aspiring developers from top-tier universities in Kenya, fostering innovation and nurturing the next generation of tech enthusiasts. We believe in the potential of these young minds to bring forth groundbreaking solutions and are committed to providing them with the necessary support and platform to shine.

Deepening Our Roots in East Africa:

HAQQ has a genuine and growing interest in Kenya and its neighboring East African countries. We see immense potential and vibrancy in this region, and our excitement about the prospects in the East African ecosystem is boundless. Our commitment to nurturing promising projects and startups is steadfast, evidenced by our $40 million ecosystem grants and the incubation opportunities provided by our upcoming HAQQ Labs.

We are not just looking to leave our digital footprints in this part of Africa but are also keen on establishing a solid physical presence. The upcoming hackathons and HAQQ Labs are just the beginning of the many initiatives we plan on implementing to foster innovation and support local talent in the region. We have identified several promising founders and projects and are eager to expedite their growth and development.

For more insights on our support to projects, especially those with their own tokens looking to launch and build on HAQQ, enhancing the utility of ISLM significantly, please refer to our HaqqPad announcement.

Our endeavors aim to create a symbiotic relationship with the local ecosystems, contributing to the technological advancement of the region while learning and growing together. We are excited to deepen our connections and collaborations in East Africa, working towards a future of shared progress and success.

Closing Remarks

Karibu Kenya! This journey has been nothing short of amazing, and it certainly won’t be our last. We are just getting started and are looking forward to engaging more with HAQQ and Islamic Coin enthusiasts and builders worldwide. The spirit of innovation and collaboration we’ve witnessed here is inspiring, and we are excited to see how we can collectively move the needle forward in the fintech space.

Forward Momentum

Our experience at ethsafari 2023 has been enriching, and we are optimistic about the future collaborations and innovations that will stem from our interactions here. We are committed to supporting and nurturing promising projects and look forward to seeing the transformative impact they will have on the ecosystem. Asante sana, Kenya, for the warm welcome and enriching experiences! We are excited about the journey ahead and the opportunities to engage and collaborate with more enthusiasts and builders globally.

If you are building a product in Kenya or the East African region, feel free to explore our grant opportunity.

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