Introducing the HAQQ Ecosystem Fund: An Opportunity to Grow with HAQQ Blockchain

HAQQ Association is proud to announce the launch of the HAQQ Ecosystem Fund, a grants and investment program designed to support the growth of HAQQ Network and Islamic Coin. With a total allocation of $40M ($20M USDC and USDT + $20M Islamic Coin), the HAQQ Ecosystem Fund represents our commitment to promoting global adoption of HAQQ Blockchain and Islamic Coin.The funds will be directed towards various initiatives, including development, marketing, bug bounties, and other ventures aimed at improving the HAQQ Ecosystem's growth. Our grants and investments undergo a stringent ethics and Shariah assessment to ensure that every project funded aligns with our Islamic values and is ethical in its general sense.At HAQQ Association, we prioritize projects that are building on HAQQ Network from scratch, mature projects willing to expand their services to the HAQQ Network, and individual developers willing to contribute to the core HAQQ infrastructure products such as HAQQ Wallet, HAQQ Node, HAQQ Shell. This focus on web3 projects will ensure that the HAQQ Ecosystem remains at the forefront of blockchain technology, serving as a hub for innovative projects and technologies.Our team is excited to work with like-minded individuals, whether you are a fintech startup or a community benefit project. With the HAQQ Ecosystem Fund, we have the opportunity to create a positive impact, driving growth and innovation that aligns with our shared Islamic values.
Grants and Investment Program

Apply now for the HAQQ Ecosystem Fund, and let's make a difference together!