HAQQ Partners Colossus Digital for Improved Blockchain Security
HAQQ Partners Colossus Digital for Improved Blockchain Security

HAQQ Partners Colossus Digital for Improved Blockchain Security

HAQQ has just joined forces with Colossus Digital to boost its blockchain security, leveraging Colossus Digital's expertise in direct node validation for PoS blockchains. This partnership marks a significant step towards enhancing HAQQ's network security and availability, aligning with HAQQ's vision of advancing web3 accessibility and ethical finance.

Through our collaboration, Colossus Digital has set up a validator node on HAQQ, aiming to decentralize and secure the ecosystem further. Colossus Digital specializes in providing quality node validation services directly on Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchains, bypassing the need for delegation through third-party service providers. This initiative not only strengthens the network's security but also offers HAQQ's community more autonomy by broadening their choices for staking and delegation. Colossus Digital, with its focus on enhancing blockchain technologies, brings valuable expertise and innovation to this partnership.

Providing more options for ISLM stakers

Validators are vital for the security and consensus of PoS networks like HAQQ, where they confirm transactions and propose new blocks. With Colossus Digital now onboard as a validator, ISLM stakers have expanded options for delegating their stakes, directly contributing to the network's security. This collaboration with Colossus Digital, known for its proprietary technology and significant contributions to the web3 space, ensures that HAQQ's network remains robust and secure, offering a diversified and secure staking experience to its users.

Colossus' user interface is designed in such a way that users can easily select the best validation for their staking needs, commit their tokens and earn rewards with ease. With the ISLM profile now set up on Colossus, stakes can check the trends of staked tokens and track performance over time. Users can directly delegate their tokens here.

Our partnership with Colossus Digital underscores the significance of community engagement in blockchain's evolution, especially in enhancing the security and decentralization of Shariah-compliant financial ecosystems. By staking ISLM, users directly contribute to HAQQ's mission of delivering an uncensorable, decentralized finance (DeFi) platform, distinct from centralized solutions like AWS or Azure. HAQQ's Layer 1 blockchain is designed for unlimited DeFi dApp hosting, fostering a robust environment for ethical finance through Shariah-compliant investment options. This initiative not only secures the network but also propels the global web3 availability, especially in sectors advocating for ethical and decentralized finance. Through active community participation, HAQQ is paving the way for a more secure, transparent, and inclusive financial future.

To learn more about Colossus Digital, visit https://colossus.digital/

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