Exploring the HAQQ investment thesis in blockchain gaming and halaltainment
Exploring the HAQQ investment thesis in blockchain gaming and halaltainment

Exploring the HAQQ investment thesis in blockchain gaming and halaltainment

Games should not only entertain but also instill values and morals that reflect society's diverse cultures. At HAQQ, we envision a future where meaningful entertainment seamlessly aligns with values, and halal games play a crucial role in making this vision a reality. However, as the gaming industry expands and diversifies, so too do the ethical considerations surrounding it. While the emergence of blockchain technology has heralded a new era of decentralization and transparency in gaming, the halal and ethical gaming sector remains underrepresented and overshadowed by its mainstream counterparts in the web2 gaming industry.

We firmly believe that ethical games should not be confined to a niche, a belief that resonates with a growing number of players who seek more meaningful and positive interactions within the global gaming ecosystem. This is why we strongly advocate for a broader shift towards ethical and values-driven gaming experiences. By channeling investments towards key verticals such as game development, the metaverse, and infrastructure, HAQQ intends to build a robust foundation for the growth and proliferation of ethical gaming experiences.

The Global Blockchain Gaming Market is projected to reach $104.5 billion by 2028, rising at a market growth of 68.2% CAGR during that period. The Middle East Gaming Market size is estimated at $6.34 billion in 2024, and is also expected to reach $10.69 billion by 2029, growing at a CAGR of 11.02%. Most Muslim gamers are interested in playing games that align with their values. This presents a unique opportunity to shape the future of gaming with ethical values at its core. Halal games, by their very nature, promote ethical principles like cooperation, fair play, and responsible resource management.

These values align perfectly with the decentralized ethos of web3, where player agency and community governance are paramount. The global Muslim population exceeds 1.8 billion, representing a significant demographic with unique entertainment preferences. Halal games adhere to Islamic principles, ensuring content and mechanics align with ethical and religious values. This underserved market presents a massive opportunity for growth, with the potential to attract not only Muslim gamers but also those seeking ethically conscious gaming experiences

Is Blockchain Gaming Haram?

Despite the growing popularity of blockchain gaming, characterized by unique features such as player ownership of in-game assets and decentralized economies, the halal gaming sector continues to face significant challenges in gaining widespread recognition and acceptance. One key concern revolves around the ethical implications of virtual games, with some segments of society raising objections to certain game elements like gambling mechanics, unregulated markets, and potential for exploitation, that may contravene Islamic principles.

At HAQQ, we recognize the importance of addressing these concerns through open and respectful dialogue. We acknowledge the evolving nature of religious interpretations and the increasing acceptance of digital entertainment as a platform for positive engagement. That is why our commitment extends to funding and accelerating solutions that specifically target these concerns. By crafting narratives and mechanics aligned with Islamic values, we aim to provide a secure and enriching gaming experience for Muslim players.

It is also imperative to recognize that the ethical dimensions of gaming extend beyond mere entertainment; they encompass broader societal values and cultural norms. As such, there is a pressing need to elevate the discourse surrounding halal gaming and advocate for its integration into the mainstream gaming landscape. This entails not only addressing concerns related to content and gameplay but also fostering an ecosystem that nurtures ethical gaming practices and values. This is why we have continued to double down and spearhead initiatives to promote halal and ethical blockchain gaming on a global scale. Through strategic investments and partnerships with pioneering studios like Ambrus Studio, HAQQ is committed to catalyzing innovation in the web3 gaming ecosystem, paving the way for the development of halal games that resonate with diverse audiences.

Investing in the Future of Halal Gaming

To truly thrive, the halal gaming ecosystem needs several key investments in areas such as infrastructure, talent development, and strategic partnerships. Attracting mainstream players requires compelling gameplay experiences that cater to diverse preferences within the halal gaming community. This means developing high-quality and engaging ethical games. There's also the need to educate both Muslim and non-Muslim audiences about the unique value proposition of halal games. This is crucial for wider adoption.

Furthermore, to accelerate innovation and build trust in the space, efforts should be directed towards fostering partnerships with established Islamic organizations, game developers, and technology providers. Establishing ethical guidelines and regulatory frameworks specific to halal games is also crucial in ensuring transparency and responsible development. To this effect, we are leveraging our $40 million ecosystem fund together with ISLM-based incentives to facilitate partnerships, educational initiatives, responsible development, and a sustainable growth environment. We have already started working with reputable partners and promising projects across this vertical. As we champion this aggressive growth in the halaltainment sector, HAQQ is committed to collaborating with partners who share our vision for mainstream adoption. Our determination to propel this sector into the mainstream remains steadfast, and we invite stakeholders to join us in redefining the future of interactive entertainment through ethical gaming experiences.

Our $40 million ecosystem grant program is currently open for applications. Interested parties can apply here.

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