HAQQ and GoMeat: Tokenizing and Enhancing Halal Meat Distribution in the USA
HAQQ and GoMeat: Tokenizing and Enhancing Halal Meat Distribution in the USA

HAQQ and GoMeat: Tokenizing and Enhancing Halal Meat Distribution in the USA

We are pleased to announce a strategic partnership between HAQQ and GoMeat. This collaboration is aimed at improving the distribution and accessibility of halal meat throughout the United States. By joining forces with GoMeat, we are seamlessly meshing advanced technology with core community values, ensuring better access to quality halal products.

Empowering Halal Meat Distribution

Through our joint effort with GoMeat, we aim to extend the reach and efficacy of halal meat and specialty food distribution. We will focus our efforts around broadening the network of stores featured on the GoMeat app to provide greater variety of choices to halal food consumers, thereby increasing the availability of high-quality halal products in North America. Halal meat consumption in global cosmopolitan cities like London has served by over average signifying its growth potential and need to expand its accessibility in extensive markets like North America.

Upgrades to the GoMeat Platform

Our partnership with GoMeat aims to leverage our expertise and robust network infrastructure to introduce significant enhancements to the GoMeat platform. These improvements aim to enrich the user experience by integrating new, user-friendly features and refining the app's overall functionality. As a consumer-facing app, GoMeat plays a pivotal role in the e-commerce space for halal food and related offerings. Our collaboration will focus on upgrading the GoMeat marketplace allowing for expanded global reach of the marketplace services. This approach will help make the app more intuitive and responsive to the changing needs of our users.

Blockchain Technology Integration

As part of our core mission at HAQQ is making Web3 projects accessible to everyone, we will be ushering the first phase of blockchain use-case in the specialty sector via our strategic collaboration with GoMeat. This will involve integrating our non-custodial wallet, HAQQ wallet into the GoMeat app. Our aim is to nurture the environment that allows for innovative ways to handle transactions on the GoMeat app. This will allow GoMeat’s active users who have been instrumental by expressing their feedback to be able to shop and pay for their products using cryptocurrency as well as allowing merchants featured on the GoMeat app to be able to accept alternative forms of payment for their products in crypto, especially ISLM our native currency as well as the GOMT token which enable the platform users to participate in the future upgrade of the GoMeat marketplace. By On the overall, this allows for more flexible and inclusive financial options for GoMeat app users.

Geographical Tech Localization

Making blockchain services accessible to everyone also require customization to enhance usability and minimizing user friction. This is why our collaboration with GoMeat will prioritize localization tailored according to regions even while we push our expansion efforts. This will ensure our services meet the unique demands of different local areas thereby helping to broaden the applicability of our offerings but also customizing them to regional preferences and requirements to diverse American regions and communities.

Artificial Intelligence Enhancement

In enhancing the GoMeat app, we're introducing AI-driven features for user personalization, demand forecasting for merchants, and improved supply chain management. This advancement will be made possible through our partnership with SingularityNET, a pioneer in decentralized AI. Their expertise in AI technologies enables us to infuse the GoMeat platform with sophisticated tools that will significantly improve user experience, offer merchants valuable insights, and streamline operations. This is key to ensuring GoMeat remains at the forefront of technological innovation in the specialty food sector.

Community Engagement Initiatives

At the heart of our partnership is a strong focus on community involvement. We plan to launch promotional campaigns during holidays to engage more closely with our users and reinforce community bonds. Collaborations with Islamic Centers across the USA are also part of our initiative, deepening our connection with the community. Each new sign-up through the app's QR code will result in a $1 donation, emphasizing our commitment to community support. Additionally, we will be actively involved in sponsoring local community events.

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