HAQQ x Galxe: Elevating Community Engagement and Driving Ethical FinTech Innovation
HAQQ x Galxe: Elevating Community Engagement and Driving Ethical FinTech Innovation

HAQQ x Galxe: Elevating Community Engagement and Driving Ethical FinTech Innovation

We are thrilled to announce our strategic integration with Galxe, a renowned platform for community engagement and growth in the Web3 space. With over 13 million unique users, Galxe has propelled the growth of Optimism, Polygon, Arbitrum, and more than 3700 partners with reward-based loyalty programs. Protocols can leverage Web3 credentials from Galxe’s credential data network to power marketplace growth, issue Soul Bound Tokens, increase community engagement, boost ecosystem growth, and generate brand awareness as a result.

This partnership marks a significant step in elevating community engagement and propelling ethical FinTech innovation within the HAQQ ecosystem.

This integration will:

  • Help harness and consolidate our efforts at properly engaging our global HAQQ and Islamic Coin community by providing greater visibility and reward opportunities for our most involved and active members.
  • Help ethical ecosystem projects run campaigns and quests that spark a flywheel effect of community growth that rewards engaged community members.

Greater community engagement and growth

Galxe quests and missions is instrumental in helping blockchain projects engage and reward the most engaged members of with native tokens, NFTs and On-Chain Achievement Tokens (OATs). HAQQ is a beneficiary of Galxe’s intuitive platform as we launched a HAQQ Expedition that took users on a guided tour of HAQQ and Islamic Coin features, augmenting a gamified learning experience with exclusive privileges and rewards.

Examples of some quests:

  • Download HAQQ Wallet
  • Visit HAQQ Wallet guide and learn about its functionalities.
  • Follow Islamic Coin on Twitter
  • Join Islamic Coin Telegram.

With the Galxe integration, we will be able to better track and identify the most ardent supporters in the community and reward their perseverance and dedication, accordingly.

You can get started on your campaigns today at galxe.com.

Growth opportunities for our partners and ecosystem projects

HAQQ is not just pioneering the ethical finance space; we're also engineering a flywheel effect for exponential growth and impact. Central to this vision is our Ecosystem Fund—a $40 million war chest aimed at fueling early-stage protocols in the ethical Web3 arena.

Through strategic initiatives like HaqqPad and HAQQ Labs, we've created a pipeline that continually onboards, incubates, and accelerates Shariah-compliant startups. HaqqPad simplifies the complexities of token creation and smart contract deployment, freeing founders to concentrate on scaling their businesses. HAQQ Labs, on the other hand, offers a suite of advisory, incubation, and acceleration services that nurture these startups from their infancy.

The Galxe integration amplifies this flywheel effect. It enables projects deploying on HAQQ to effortlessly execute promotional campaigns via Galxe, while also tapping into co-marketing and business expansion opportunities. As more projects join our ecosystem, this interconnectedness will not only scale individual endeavors but also magnify the collective impact of our ethical financial community.

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Our $40 million grant program is currently open for applications. Interested parties can apply here

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