HAQQ Integrates with TokenPocket: ISLM Now Available on TokenPocket
HAQQ Integrates with TokenPocket: ISLM Now Available on TokenPocket

HAQQ Integrates with TokenPocket: ISLM Now Available on TokenPocket

We are excited to announce the integration of ISLM with TokenPocket, a renowned multi-chain self-custodial wallet. This represents a substantial leap in our mission to provide the global community with a comprehensive and Shariah-compliant financial tool.

TokenPocket's extensive reach, with a monthly active user base exceeding 3.5 million across more than 200 countries, aligns with our vision. This partnership marks a significant advancement for the ISLM community, as it introduces a convenient and efficient way to manage digital assets. Users can now effortlessly swap their ISLM for stablecoins like $USDC directly within the TokenPocket wallet, eliminating the need for centralized exchanges or bridges. This capability is not just a feature; it's a substantial boost to our community, simplifying the process of diversifying their digital portfolios while still adhering to Shariah principles.

More importantly, our mission-driven approach continues to propel the reach of ISLM across diverse communities and merchants. A testament to this expansion is the recent integration of ISLM by Coinpayments, a leading cryptocurrency payment solution provider. This integration opens doors for ISLM to be accessible to over 100,000 merchants worldwide, further cementing its position as a significant player in the realm of Islamic digital finance.

We recognize the significance of simplicity and accessibility in handling your digital assets. To assist you in this journey, we've prepared a quick guide. Whether you're looking to import your existing HAQQ wallet or create a new one on TokenPocket, our step-by-step instructions make the process effortless and user-friendly.

Learn How to Create and Import a HAQQ Wallet: https://help.tokenpocket.pro/en/wallet-operation/how-to-create-a-wallet/haqq

Download TokenPocket: https://www.tokenpocket.pro/

Join us as we continue to innovate and expand, ensuring that HAQQ remains at the forefront of providing ethical, inclusive, and innovative financial solutions to the global community.

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