HAQQ integrates with Yieldmos: Bridging Islamic Finance and DeFi Ecosystems
HAQQ integrates with Yieldmos: Bridging Islamic Finance and DeFi Ecosystems

HAQQ integrates with Yieldmos: Bridging Islamic Finance and DeFi Ecosystems

In our relentless pursuit of innovation at HAQQ, we are thrilled to announce our integration with Yieldmos, a cutting-edge DeFi yield generation protocol. With Yieldmos integration, HAQQ ecosystem users can earn autocompounded yields all while still adhering to Islamic finance principles.

Yieldmos focuses on optimizing yield generation across the Cosmos ecosystem through auto-compounding rewards. It is open to various stakeholders in the crypto space, including users, validators, DAOs, and institutions.

Yieldmos maintains a transparent and non-custodial approach, allowing users to retain full ownership of their assets while employing them in yield-optimizing strategies. This approach resonates with the Islamic finance principles that HAQQ upholds: transparency, asset-backed financing, and risk minimization.

Core Components of Yieldmos

  • Non-Custodial Solutions: Using Cosmos SDK's authz grants, Yieldmos can execute specific actions on users' behalf without holding their assets.

  • Customizability: Users have the freedom to choose their validators and allocate staking rewards as they deem fit.

  • Risk Minimization: By allowing users to retain ownership of their keys, Yieldmos minimizes the risks typically associated with custodial services.

  • Strategy Optimization: Yieldmos continually scans for the best yield opportunities for your ISLM Tokens based on your personal risk tolerance, ensuring your assets always work optimally for you.

  • Automated Yield Strategies: No need to manually manage your assets. Yieldmos compounds most network rewards once daily between 17:00 and 19:00 UTC, optimized for maximum yield with minimal transaction fees.

Yield Optimize Your ISLM Token

Yieldmos specializes in auto-compounding rewards to maximize your yield. No longer do you need to manually manage and reinvest your earnings—Yieldmos does it for you. Its daily compounding cycle maximizes yield while minimizing transaction costs. This system harmonizes with Islamic financial principles by offering non-custodial solutions, meaning you retain full ownership of your ISLM Tokens at all times, thus eliminating third-party risks. But the customization does not stop there; Yieldmos enables you to handpick your validators and allocate specific staking rewards to each, all while allowing you to choose which liquidity pools should auto-compound your rewards. In essence, Yieldmos doesn't just simplify the financial process; it enhances the user experience, allowing your ISLM Tokens to be more than just stored—they are actively and intelligently grown.

Pioneering a New Era of Islamic Financial Inclusion

Yieldmos and HAQQ unite to elevate your ISLM Token experience. Keep full control of your assets while optimizing yield. Tailor staking rewards, pick liquidity pools, and enjoy low costs. Our integration blends Islamic finance principles with high yield, ushering in a new era of inclusive, sustainable finance.

Stay tuned for updates as we continue to explore and implement this exciting partnership. Get started here!

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