HAQQ Partners Ambrus Studio for Sustainable Gaming Innovation Development
HAQQ Partners Ambrus Studio for Sustainable Gaming Innovation Development

HAQQ Partners Ambrus Studio for Sustainable Gaming Innovation Development

TL;DR: *HAQQ and Ambrus Studio announce a pioneering partnership aimed at revolutionizing gaming with a strong commitment to sustainability. This collaboration brings exclusive game deployment to HAQQ in key regions, integrating on-chain assets and transactions while utilizing HAQQ's blockchain and proprietary non-custodial wallet. Geared at redefining gaming by inspiring change, raising awareness, and advocating for a future HAQQ and Ambrus Studio aims to blend gaming and sustainability such that both can coexist harmoniously.

HAQQ is excited to announce it has partnered with Ambrus Studio, a collaboration dedicated to pioneering sustainable gaming experiences within the blockchain domain. This partnership's heart lies in a shared commitment to meaningful innovation and environmental advocacy. Another main purpose is to better serve these Islamic population-heavy regions with a Shariah-compliant chain. Ambrus Studio's mission aligns easily with HAQQ's core values as they craft top-tier games while dedicating a portion of their proceeds—1%—to environmental organizations. This commitment to sustainability is in tandem with HAQQ whereby we set aside 10% of every ISLM, HAQQ’s native currency minted on HAQQ for philanthropic activities via our Evergreen DAO.

The essence of our collaboration is multifaceted

Purposeful Ethical Gaming:

Beyond entertainment, Ambrus Studio is a catalyst for change. It has a unique mission of “Good Game for Good Cause”, with a focus on sustainability. By marrying gaming excellence with environmental responsibility, they stand as torchbearers for a gaming revolution aimed at raising awareness about climate change.

Providing a Gaming Experience Natively Designed for Global South:

Most gaming studios focus on developed markets. We are the first web3 studio to develop AAA-like gaming experience for emerging markets like India, Pakistan, the Middle East and Africa. Ambrus Studio’s first game title, E4C: Final Salvation, aims to provide a player-focused experience in these regions. And part of that strategy is to work with Haqq’s unique Shariah-compliant chain for these Islamic population-heavy regions.

Seamless Onboarding for Web2 Gamers:

Ambrus Studio believes in providing a seamless and non-disruptive onboarding experience for mass-market gamers from web2. Ambrus Studio and Haqq work together to provide a zero-pain experience for web2 gamers to get into the world of E4C.

Exclusive Deployment on HAQQ in key regions:

Ambrus Studio's game assets will exclusively find their home on HAQQ, a PoS L1 chain built using Cosmos SDK and Compatible with Ethereum and EVM networks enhancing interoperability. These assets will be strategically deployed across key regions such as India, the Rest of South Asia, Turkey, MENA, and Sub-Saharan Africa. Moreover, on-chain assets and transactions originating from these regional servers, including loot boxes, skins, and gems, will seamlessly integrate into the HAQQ platform, enriching players' gaming experience within Ambrus Studio’s ecosystem.

Ecosystem Integration:

By integrating with HAQQ, Ambrus Studio’s E4C Verse will seamlessly operate, leveraging HAQQ’s infrastructures. Ambrus Studio’s E4C games will utilize the HAQQ wallet as the default in-game wallet, for storing and transacting on-chain. This will further help onboard and smoothen the learning curve for gamers who are looking to onboard and enjoy the blockchain gaming universe. This emphasizes our joint commitment to elevate user experience and accessibility. Ambrus Studio has planned an upcoming alpha test of the E4C games, which will take place in January 2024. Players can earn rewards by completing missions and ranking high on the leaderboard. There are three different tiers of Fast Passes that players can pre-register for, each with its benefits. Here is a registration link and login instructions to the Alpha test for existing players

At HAQQ Network, we are unrelenting in our mission to bring together the most reputable actors within the ethical finance sector to pioneer and further promote community-driven decentralized technologies globally. Together, with Ambrus Studio we are embarking on a journey to create an immersive gaming experience that goes beyond entertainment, placing sustainability at its epicenter.

We are Our $40 million ecosystem grant program is currently open for applications. Interested parties can apply here.

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