HAQQ Unites with Creators of Decentralized Donation Protocol for HaqqDonate: A Rapid-Response, Ethical Donation Platform
HAQQ Unites with Creators of Decentralized Donation Protocol  for HaqqDonate: A Rapid-Response, Ethical Donation Platform

HAQQ Unites with Creators of Decentralized Donation Protocol for HaqqDonate: A Rapid-Response, Ethical Donation Platform

TL;DR: HAQQ is joining forces with the creators of the decentralized donation protocol, SOS Chain, to launch HaqqDonate, with the goal of revolutionizing ethical donations using blockchain technology. This strategic partnership is designed to boost the effectiveness and reach of contributions for ethical causes, taking advantage of blockchain’s inherent transparency and swift response features to deliver timely assistance during humanitarian emergencies. Marrying HAQQ's prowess in ethical finance with the pioneering approach of a decentralized donation platform, this collaboration aims to create a more open, responsible, and significant impact mechanism that not only empowers donors but also supports and elevates communities in distress.

HAQQ is thrilled to announce its partnership with the creators of S.O.S. Chain, the innovators behind HaqqDonate, a pioneering decentralized digital donation distribution. This collaboration is aimed at tackling the longstanding inefficiencies in the social welfare sector where donations are contributed to help cater to those in need. With the mainstream adoption of digital assets, the need for a decentralized donations platform that allows and supports contributions in digital assets can no longer be ignored.

Our mission at HAQQ is focused on uniting the most reputable actors in the world of ethical finance as we tirelessly advocate for community-driven decentralized technologies worldwide. This is why our collaboration with HaqqDonate is timely, as charitable donors seeking to lend a helping hand and offer aid to those in crisis in the Middle East, Africa, and other parts of the world are increasingly on a daily basis.

Rapid Response and Transparency in Humanitarian Aid

The experienced team behind S.O.S. Chain, with their diverse backgrounds and a shared passion for decentralized communities and societal impact, developed a web-based platform that utilizes blockchain technology to quickly mobilize funds in response to disasters and humanitarian crises. A prime example of their effectiveness was in February 2023, when they rapidly gathered millions in donations from the Web3 community following two devastating earthquakes in southern Turkey. This innovative approach enables causes to respond to humanitarian emergencies with unprecedented speed, transparency, and efficiency.

Looking towards Impacting Islamic Finance

HaqqDonate empowers donors to contribute charitably for the common good, and HAQQ is eager to further its collaborations with the team to expand the digital donation platform's reach, particularly in the realm of Zakat. As a crucial pillar of Islam, Zakat requires Muslims to annually donate a portion of their wealth, supporting those in need and fostering societal welfare, community aid, and social unity. The Zakat sector, with its value exceeding $1 trillion, stands to gain immensely from innovative platforms like HaqqDonate. By offering streamlined, transparent activities, HaqqDonate enhances fundraising efforts during disasters, ensuring donations are managed with accountability and clarity throughout their lifecycle.

Build on HAQQ

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