HAQQ and Thea Carbon: A Partnership for a Sustainable Future
HAQQ and Thea Carbon: A Partnership for a Sustainable Future

HAQQ and Thea Carbon: A Partnership for a Sustainable Future

TL;DR: HAQQ is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Thea Carbon, making Thea the exclusive provider of Carbon offsetting infrastructure to the Islamic Coin ecosystem and the preferred sustainability partner to Evergreen DAO. This collaboration brings sustainability to the forefront of blockchain development, allowing HAQQ users to measure and offset their carbon footprint. This partnership paves the way for a greener blockchain ecosystem with free carbon footprint calculators and innovative offsetting solutions. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting development.

We are excited to announce a strategic collaboration between HAQQ and Thea Carbon, a leading provider of carbon offsetting infrastructure. This alliance represents an essential step towards our goal of integrating sustainability into blockchain development and operations.

Sustainable Blockchain Development

Our primary aim in this partnership is to leverage Thea Carbon's modular infrastructure to make sustainability an integral part of the HAQQ. Users of the Islamic Coin and members of the Evergreen DAO will be able to calculate the carbon footprint of their activities with Thea's web-based estimator, accessible through Thea's Software Development Kit (SDK). The estimator's integration will give users unprecedented insight into their environmental impact, encompassing financial transactions and everyday lifestyle activities.

Green Mode

In an industry-first initiative, Islamic Coin wallet holders can operate in "Green mode." In this mode, their interactions with the HAQQ ecosystem will offset their activities’ carbon footprint using Thea Carbon's proprietary web3 solution. This groundbreaking approach signifies our commitment to a sustainable future and a unique user experience.

Measurable Impact

Thea Carbon will assist HAQQ in measuring, auditing, reducing, and offsetting its scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions. This initiative aligns with SBTi-driven commitments and international standards such as TCFD, GRI-305, and CDP. This collaboration ensures we stay committed to creating actionable participation and a positive impact in upcoming events like Cop 28 in Dubai.

HAQQ and Thea Carbon will cooperate to include rewards for climate-positive actions within HAQQ's loyalty program. Moreover, we plan to launch climate-positive marketing initiatives across various media channels, further endorsing our commitment to sustainability. We look forward to Thea Carbon becoming the preferred sustainability partner to Evergreen DAO, enhancing transparency on pricing, and enabling market-based, sharia-compliant, climate-positive impact actions.

This collaboration is a clear testament to our dedication to fostering an environment of open communication, mutual respect, and partnership. We eagerly anticipate the positive impacts of this partnership in the coming weeks and months. Please stay tuned for more updates on our ongoing sustainability and ethical blockchain development efforts.

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