HAQQ Staking Economy Update
HAQQ Staking Economy Update

HAQQ Staking Economy Update

Whitepaper Update: We're here with a concise update to keep you in the loop regarding our recent developments in ISLM’s staking economy. After carefully considering community feedback and suggestions, we have removed the previous 100-year limit for ISLM minting. We've revamped ISLM token inflation to be more adaptable and responsive to market conditions. This change was made because projects in the crypto space often tweak their token inflation based on how it performs during bear markets. However, ISLM supply is still limited to 100 billion coins with annual inflation, calculated as a percentage of total bonded coins initially set to 7.78%. This coefficient is controlled by governance and the community can always decide to increase or decrease token inflation and staking incentive, depending on market conditions, total staked value and other factors.

Staking Economy Audit: We're thrilled to announce that our meticulous Staking Economy audit is nearing completion. Module has been finalised and implemented. Our security partner, Halborn is now carrying out security audit which we expect to push as a governance proposal upon completion. We expect this audit to be finalised and proposed by next week all things being equal. This audit is vital to align our tokenomics with our mission for ethical finance.

Upcoming Governance Proposal: As we are preparing to submit the governance proposal regarding token inflation by next week, we encourage you to actively engage in the voting process once this proposal goes live. Your insights and suggestions are crucial as we fine-tune our ecosystem.

Regulatory disclosures: This new version will include comprehensive regulatory information, reflecting our unwavering commitment to adhere to the highest compliance standards with applicable regulations.

Dive deep into our whitepaper update by visiting https://haqq.network/wp. Let's collectively shape the future of ethical finance in the digital age. Stay tuned for further updates!

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