Introducing the HAQQ Wallet: Your Gateway to Islamic DeFi
Introducing the HAQQ Wallet: Your Gateway to Islamic DeFi

Introducing the HAQQ Wallet: Your Gateway to Islamic DeFi

We are delighted to unveil a groundbreaking element of the HAQQ universe: the HAQQ Wallet.

Drawing from the formidable infrastructure of HAQQ, the HAQQ Wallet acts as your portal to the realm of Islamic Decentralized Finance (DeFi). By fusing tradition and technology, the HAQQ Wallet offers a compelling solution for individuals eager to engage with financial instruments in accordance with the principles of Islamic finance.

In our quest to preserve the ethical foundations of Islamic finance in this digital era, the HAQQ Wallet ensures Shariah compliance via a secure, user-friendly interface. This article will explore its unique features, such as the streamlined operation and the Shariah Oracle, both meticulously designed to ensure secure, accessible, and Shariah-compliant transactions within Islamic DeFi.

Why Did We Develop the HAQQ Wallet?

As we immersed ourselves in the mission of ensuring Shariah-compliant interactions with HAQQ, it became clear that existing on-chain wallet solutions neither addressed the needs of ethical investors nor met the standards of Shariah compliance. Our challenge was to create a Shariah-compliant wallet while avoiding the conversion of our permissionless network into a permissioned one, which could potentially hamper our ecosystem's growth. This balance is essential given the inherent permissionless nature of a blockchain network.

Our solution came in the form of the Shariah Oracle. This on-chain registry of approved smart contracts, featuring two levels of approval - community and Shariah approval, offered the balance we were seeking. It ensured Shariah compliance in our Islamic DeFi platform without infringing on the permissionless nature of our network. The creation of the Shariah Oracle illuminated the need for a unique wallet, resulting in the development of the HAQQ Wallet.

Unpacking the HAQQ Wallet Design & Features

Traditional crypto wallets primarily catered to a limited audience - the crypto-savvy. However, the HAQQ Wallet, with its goal of an inclusive Islamic DeFi landscape, extends its reach to serve the 1.9 billion Muslims worldwide. We engineered the HAQQ Wallet to be intuitive for all users, from beginners to experienced crypto traders.

Mnemonic handling, a common feature in crypto wallets, often poses a daunting task for users. Yet, the HAQQ Wallet introduces a revolutionary change by simplifying this process with a user-friendly login setup. Users can easily link their existing social provider accounts, and a subsequent layer of security is added by requiring a pin code, thus achieving a balance between user convenience and account security.

The innovative approach of HAQQ Wallet also addresses account security strategy, embodying the ethos of decentralization inherent in our Islamic DeFi community. By leveraging modern cryptographic principles like secret sharing, HAQQ Wallet ensures that control of private keys remains with the user, reinforcing user ownership and upholding the principles of decentralization ingrained in cryptocurrencies.

We've also incorporated a robust mechanism to restore account access, ensuring users' asset security remains uncompromised. Even in challenging scenarios, users can regain access to their accounts. This comprehensive approach to security provides peace of mind to our users as they navigate the volatile crypto markets.

HAQQ Wallet Security & the Shariah Oracle

Understanding the need for bolstered security, the HAQQ Wallet plans to integrate with Ledger devices. This partnership will offer HAQQ Wallet users an additional layer of protection through hardware-based key management and secure transactions. While the official partnership is yet to be announced, the HAQQ Wallet is in the process of incorporating the Keystone Wallet into our system, aiming to further enhance the wallet's security features.

Central to the HAQQ Wallet is the Shariah Oracle. Its integration within the HAQQ Wallet creates a robust line of defense against potential malicious activities as it serves as an on-chain registry of approved smart contracts. Leveraging the power of community and Shariah approval levels, it ensures that user interactions align with their desired level of compliance within the Islamic DeFi framework.

Looking at governance, the dApp approval process consists of two levels: Community and Shariah approval. Any community member can propose community-level approval for their smart contract. Following a proposal through the default governance system on the Cosmos level, the community votes. If the majority approves, the smart contract receives community-level approval. This shields users from potential malicious transactions, aligning them with ethical finance requirements.

HAQQ Wallet allows users to select their preferred level of approval, either community or Shariah. This feature aligns user transactions with their specific compliance requirements, empowering them to make informed decisions and evaluate the compliance level of their transactions.

In the near future, HAQQ Wallet plans to establish a marketplace within its ecosystem. Smart contracts that have obtained community and/or Shariah approval can list their services in this marketplace, creating a hub of Shariah-compliant and trusted offerings within our Islamic DeFi platform. Users can explore these listings with confidence, knowing they adhere to the Shariah compliance standards set by the HAQQ.


The HAQQ Wallet blends the principles of Islamic finance with the innovations of DeFi, addressing a significant need within the global Muslim community. With its user-friendly interface, distinctive features like the Shariah Oracle, and robust security mechanisms, it is set to make Islamic DeFi accessible and ethically compliant for everyone, regardless of their crypto expertise.

As we prepare for partnerships with Ledger and Keystone Wallet and with the integration of an upcoming marketplace of Shariah-compliant offerings, the HAQQ Wallet is more than just a wallet—it's an evolving ecosystem fostering user engagement in the Islamic DeFi space. Create a HAQQ Wallet today and join us on our journey to bring Islamic Finance to the world.

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