Announcing our Updated Whitepaper
Announcing our Updated Whitepaper

Announcing our Updated Whitepaper

In our continuous effort to ensure we communicate and carry our esteemed community along, we are thrilled to announce the release of our further updated Islamic Coin Whitepaper. This comprehensive document reflects our unwavering commitment to innovation, ethical governance, and community impact.

A Vision for the Future

Our updated Whitepaper provides an in-depth exploration of our vision for a Shariah-compliant blockchain platform. It encapsulates our key features, mission, and plans, demonstrating our commitment to empowering the Muslim and ethical finance community through blockchain technology.

What's New?

  • Insights on Issuing, Operational, and Developer Entities: We have provided more information on the entities behind the project, promoting transparency and trust.

  • Initial Issuing Price and Tokenomics: The updated Whitepaper offers more clarity on the initial issuing price and tokenomics.

  • Evergreen DAO and Sustainability Goals: We have elaborated on our commitment to sustainability through the Evergreen DAO, a non-profit virtual foundation focused on long-term sustainability and community impact.

  • Ethical Governance: Our commitment to ethical governance is unwavering, and we have updated information to reflect this.

Take the Next Step with Us

We invite you to download and delve into our updated Whitepaper to fully understand the depth of our vision and the breadth of our mission. Discover the exciting features, innovative solutions, and groundbreaking ideas that make Islamic Coin a pioneering platform in the world of blockchain technology.

Download the Updated Whitepaper Now

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