HAQQ and Infinite8: A Synergy of Ethical Finance and Deep Tech
HAQQ and Infinite8: A Synergy of Ethical Finance and Deep Tech

HAQQ and Infinite8: A Synergy of Ethical Finance and Deep Tech

TL;DR: HAQQ's strategic partnership with Infinite8 focuses on advancing the ethical finance sector within the web3 framework, including areas like metaverse and blockchain gaming. Utilizing deep tech and AI, the collaboration aims to serve the needs of a global Muslim population of 1.9 billion, who are interested in both emerging technologies and ethical finance. The alliance sets a practical course for integrating ethics into new technological developments.

HAQQ is pleased to announce its partnership with Infinite8, a company with over 22 years of experience in IT and operations in over 65 countries. Specializing in AI, metaverse, web3, and blockchain gaming, among other technologies, Infinite8 complements HAQQ's focus on ethical finance. This collaboration aims to integrate technological advancements with financial ethics.

Crafting Blockchain Solutions for Ethical Finance

One notable aspect of this partnership is the planned development of customized blockchain solutions that align with ethical finance principles. We aim to create platforms that provide real-time financial insights by utilizing Infinite8's expertise in AI analytics and integrating it with web3 technology. These platforms are designed to make financial operations more efficient and ensure they meet Shariah-compliant standards, benefiting all stakeholders.

Expanding the Ethical Ecosystem: A Global Vision

Our collaboration is not just about technology; it's about creating a more balanced and sustainable financial ecosystem. With the potential to serve over 1.9 billion Muslims worldwide, we are committed to making web3 projects accessible and beneficial for all. With its burgeoning population of over 600 million and emerging technological and financial hubs, the MENA region serves as the ideal launchpad for these initiatives.

The Path Forward: Ethical and Technological Integration

Looking ahead, this partnership aims to develop technologies with ethical considerations at their core rather than as an add-on. Our collaboration with Infinite8 represents a meaningful phase in HAQQ's evolution, as we find in them a partner whose technological capabilities align well with our focus on ethical finance.

Our joint efforts with Infinite8 aim to build a future where ethics and technological advancements are integrated. This goes beyond a mere business alliance; it's a shared commitment to develop financial systems that are both efficient and ethically sound, in line with HAQQ's core values and vision.

Our $40 million ecosystem grant program is currently open for applications. Interested parties can apply here.

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